Store Up

          Nothing will be corrupted or stolen in the kingdom of God. Your life cannot be in order until you love God first. When you store up treasure in heaven, you have so much more down here. Otherwise, you will never have enough or ever more than enough. Let go of what you are holding onto or you will never get hold of Him. No man can serve two masters: You cannot serve your family, or job, or yourself and still say you serve only God. Your Master is the one that you invest the most in!

           Some people are storing up for themselves, but there is no retirement in the Kingdom of God. Some people are storing up for their children who are not even in the Kingdom but serving themselves. What good is that for His kingdom!
          The harlot rules the seven mountains. When you are born again, God put you above even that, unless you come under it. It will depend on who is your master! Many sit under the spirit of fear! The Word says, “Take no thought! Do not worry.” If you do, you are not in the kingdom, and only through the Word your mindset can be broken. How close is the Truth to you if Christ lives inside of you? The Truth is this: there is no lack in the kingdom of God.
          You need to have some heavenly instincts today. Like the sparrows, they don’t worry about how to make a nest because everything comes natural once you are under one master! He clothes the grass with His glory, let alone you!
Faith or fear can’t live together. You will serve one or the other! I am not talking about the lust of this world. I am talking about advancing the Kingdom!
Jesus had everything but nothing controlled Him. He wanted to buy food to everybody on the mountain, but the store was closed then; naturally, He multiplied everything. Even if you don’t have the natural substance, you can pull it down from heaven. And faith is that substance!
          Whatever God puts in your hand is to advance His kingdom! It has nothing to do with prosperity. Have that mind set broken. It is all about storing things up there! People that store up more in heaven end up having more down here on Earth.
          Anything that you store up down here, it will be corroded! Remember the people in the desert! After the Red Sea split, they still tried to store up because of fear. God said to the rich man whom was storing up for himself: You fool! Double minded! You will receive nothing from the Lord! You are not rich toward God (Luke 12).
          Who and what is your treasure? Is it God? How much is peace, joy and righteousness worth to you? Is it worth your treasure? Your life? If it is you must invest in God’s heritage!
          If what we have stops us from advancing the kingdom of God, sell it! And buy the field!
            Joseph had wisdom to assist the world for a prophetic insight so they stored up for this natural kingdom. Israelite were handed everything from the world without breaking a sweat and that kingdom no longer exists. Jesus stored up for a kingdom that was to come, that is here, and it will never be destroyed!
Your investment will always be on the kingdom of fear or of faith. If we are really smart investors we would invest in the kingdom of God not on our own. Because His kingdom will never end. Choose one or the other. Choose your master today. Store up treasure in heaven. There is where your heart should be." 

Shane W Roessiger

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