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Eat the Book


          In the beginning, we were so free in the garden until we disobeyed God, until we started eating the wrong things. We are always eating, but it is important to know what we eat. Eat the Word of God, you will have life and will feel alive. On the other hand, you will always feel bad every time you eat what you are not supposed to, just like in the natural when you start getting used to eating healthy and then you eat junk food.

          The more we eat life the more clarity we have. The more we eat darkness the more darkness we see. Jesus said, "My words are Spirit and they are life.“ When we eat the wrong thing, we run from God just like in the garden. A lot of people try to submit to God when they keep eating, filling themselves with the wrong things, but God does not force-feed us. You are the one that has to open your mouth and eat. Even a baby has to swallow. God will spoon feed you as you grow. Some have not grown healthy because of what they have been eating.

          You need to renew your mind by eating the Word. That's why it is so important to pay attention to what we hear because it is what we eat. In His Word, there is no darkness. Everything is pure. You can eat it all. You will never overeat if you do. It will not harm you.

          God did not make hell for people. He made heaven for people. He made the garden where there are still two trees. Now we have two tables to eat from: the table of the devil and the table of the Lord. So people choose where they want to go and eat. They will be what they choose to eat. He is the bread of life. The more you eat from Him, the more like Him you are. We need to train ourselves in what we eat. Just like in the natural, we need to consider the devil’s table as poison for our spirits.

          Satan is cursed, not you. You can be under his government or under God’s. You are not cursed, but yes, you are under the curse if you want to sit under his cursed government. So get out of there! Get under Jesus. 

          We still have two trees in the garden. If you still eat from the wrong one, go boldly to Jesus, even when you are ashamed of what you ate. He will purge you, wash you, and restore you!

           Don't tell me it does not matter what you eat!

           Give me the book. Give me what I need to eat. You have to be hungry and thirsty. There is only one bread that shall satisfy your spirit. It is the bread of life!

          God wants us to be so filled with His Word, to make us as living epistles, a fountain of living water, so when you speak the Word of God, you are speaking as a prophetic voice to the nations because the Word is inside of you. 

          Get it. Eat it. Chew it. Digest it. A lot of people don't eat the Word but eat everything else. Drink the living water. It causes you to live. The food you eat feeds your spirit. Watch what you eat. How long can you go without food? Without living water? Just like in the natural, you will wither away.

           Jesus said His Word is the Living water. It is blood. It is meat. It is His body. There is life in the blood.

          People go to church because of the miracles and not for the bread, for all kinds of earthly reasons. We must come together to break bread. We have to seek Jesus so we can live. When Jesus multiplied bread, He had already filled their spirit. He was not as concerned with the natural. He was reminded by the disciples about the natural hunger of the people. Then Jesus fed them naturally and spiritually. 

          Jesus is the bread that came down from heaven. Since the beginning it was Him, the tree of life, it is Him. The bread of God is Him. He that comes to Jesus shall never hunger or thirst again. If you eat that bread of life, you shall never die. Continuously eat from the tree of life, be clothed by Him. He set before you a table.

Some people will die forever. Some people will live forever. So we all will be around forever either eternal life or eternal death. This is the doctrine of life, if you eat it up you shall surely live! 

          Jesus said I will give you my flesh. Except you eat Him, receive His blood, His living water, there will not be life in you. This is a hard saying: who can hear this?

          God is saying receive it, eat it, chew it. Does the Word of God offend you? But His words are the Spirit and the life. You need to eat it. Religion says: Eat what you want, but the Word of life directs your path. It seems hard but it is not. His yoke is easy and his burden is light. He is asking us to come and eat. Dine with Him. Eat it. Do it. Live it. 

           You are what you eat. In the kingdom you will become what you eat. You will become like him. Ask: Give me some more bread, some more flesh. Now we know. His words are life, a feast for your spirit.

          Did he not choose us? He is everything we need. Without him, nothing was made. Apart from Him, you can’t survive. Life or death. Everyday people choose death. Choose life. Choose His bread.

          Since the beginning, God had a plan: to redirect us to the tree of life; from it you can eat all. Eat the book! Every single page and the Word will become flesh in you. Let Him encounter you at His table today! Let hunger and thirst be your ambition! That will bring you back to His table. Then you will be eating daily His book, our daily bread! Eat the book and live!


Watch the whole message: Eat The Book, by Shane W Roessiger on youtube. Click here!

Passages references: John 1:1-17, Genesis 2, Genesis 3, Revelation 10:7-11, John 6

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