Two Trees, By Shane W Roessiger


    There are two churches in the world to eat from just like there where two trees in the garden to eat from. One is from the Spirit one is from the flesh..One renews your mind and sets you apart.One motivates you to accomplish your dreams.One is a living organism and the other is an organization.One is is promotes God and the Spirit. One promotes man and the flesh. One satisfies the soul and the other starve's the Spirit.One moves from from Glory to Glory.One moves from tradition to tradition.One flows In the Spirit ends when Gods done,One has a time restriction and a schedule and agenda in all aspects.One is transparent.One has Hidden agendas.One moves in the anointing that breaks the yoke.One moves in performance and entertains.One is truth.One are winds of doctrines.One has ears to Hear.One has itching ears.One mortifies the deeds of the flesh.One feeds the run by Gods government and apostolic order founded on the apostles and prophets.One is pastoral run like a business.One decisions are made by seers prophets and apostles and elders about finances and direction.One decisions made by board members or family members and business men and big tithers. One full of sheep.One are full of goats.One draws people by the Spirit.One uses marketing and advertising and worldly is an over is over come.One is of the kingdom.One is of the world.One is a Bride.One is a harlot.

Shane Roessiger

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