Don't touch Rachel. Run from Leah.

Don’t be extra friendly to someone who is extra attractive to you or is being attracted by you. Drink water from your own cistern, running water from your own well...Says Proverbs 5:15...

 ..."And He said: you pray for me and I will pray for you..." When I heard a brother in Christ saying that to my sister that Godly jealous love rose up within me. I want to scream at him and say “ Stay away from her. Do not touch this one! Don't even lay your eyes on her”. I did not do it back then, but I am doing it now!

What seems just a beautiful prayer request sounded like a loud alarm in my spirit. Dangerous! That could have been the most beautiful thing to hear from a brother and sister if they both were not married. 
How many and how often this has happening all over the the internet: “Spiritual” partnerships, twisted relationships, hidden agendas. Many have been ruined and ruining others with this ungodly attitude coming from both sides: brothers and sisters. Sometimes because of lack of discernment and sometimes because of abundance of lust!
Just in case, hear me now...
Brothers, stay away from my sisters! You have been using social network to touch many that do not belong to you. You have laid your eyes on another. A lot of adultery is happening all over Facebook, spiritual covenants happening when they are not supposed to. Brother, seek for a brother! Be strengthened in that Godly designed relationship. Stop misusing your sisters! They are not for you. Repent and be free from lust. The lust of the eyes can be anything: beauty, spiritual gifts, career, calling. You are playing emotionally and spiritually with somebody else’s wives! Let them go...And for you that are already married, go back to your wife...
Sisters, you cannot seek for reaffirmation and acceptance outside your marriage. How dangerous that is! You will be committing sin against yourself, second your spouse, and third against your own brother in Christ. Don't let any other fill a space in you or satisfy your need in any aspect. That will corrupt your heart and will kidnap you away from the one you were betrothed to. Don’t feed what will kill you and your marriage. Moments in my life when I was tempted the most were when I was vulnerable. In times like that Satan will send its messenger with a red rose bouquet and a card with beautiful words to me and you.
Here is a quick word to the single ones, brothers and sisters: Until your time comes, remember: You belong to Christ. Let no other touch you virtually with smooth words. Keep your virginity. Keep yourself pure. Until it is time for love to be awakened. Keep your eyes, heart, soul, mind protected. He put a seal upon your heart! It’s jealous love; He has hedged you all around. You are beautiful. And no other should touch you unless it is the one that was set before the foundation of the World. There will be a patient...It is going to be beautiful. Let hope arise. Satan/Laban will try to trick you with many Leahs. Be wise.
So brothers and sisters, it is time for a holy purification. Delete/kill all the Leahs in your social network and around your friends’ circle. You may not even know about their existence, but God will open your eyes right now and you will recognize them. Married brothers and sisters, go back to your Rachel: the spouse of God's promise to you. Single brothers and sisters, kill once and for all of your Leahs.
Let holiness and the fear of the Lord be a seal upon all the relationships we have, and may God save marriages of now and marriages of times to come! Don’t be extra friendly to someone who is extra attractive to you or is being attracted by you. Drink water from your own cistern, running water from your own well...Says Proverbs 5:15...
Marlene Roessiger

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